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Expert grain traders
in Quebec and Ontario

Our vision: To offer competitive prices for buying or selling grains and cereals so that the sector's farmers, millers and processors can achieve their production targets.

About us
Lafrance Division Grains

a passion that is contagious!

When you contact one of our traders, you’ll receive personalized, courteous and efficient service. That’s because before we even talk business, we’ll take the time to hear how you and your fields are doing. And while we’re at it, why not talk about the vagaries of the weather?


Draw on our expertise

Worried about how your crops are doing? Our traders know their stuff! With just one phone call, you’ll be on top of the latest commodity prices, market trends and weather forecasts. Why not try us out?

New partnership with
Coop Agrobio du Québec

To meet the needs of local farmers, we’re now partnering with Coop Agrobio du Québec, a co-op consisting of 150 growers of organic field crops. This partnership makes us a key player in supplying organic grains in Quebec and Ontario.

Let’s join forces – for the future of an agriculture that is harmonious and sustainable.

Our core values are
in the right place!

Our team has what it takes when it comes to marketing and selling crops: not only are we close to our customers, we're also proactive in the marketplace. The result? Buying and selling grain at the best prices thanks to business relationships based on respect and trust.

Professional service

Whatever your needs, our trading team will meet them as quickly as possible. Our approach is personalized and efficient.

A farmer-centred approach

We're still farmers at heart! That's why we understand the joys and sorrows of farming. Before we talk grains, let’s hear how you're doing.

Honest and respectful discussions

When contacting us, you'll get honest, accurate and up-to-date information about the market and current trends. We always take your interests to heart.

A team with its feet
firmly on the ground

Our heart is in the fields, but our team is always just a phone call away!

Looking for new challenges?

Applying to work at Les Entreprises Lafrance Division Grains is an exceptional opportunity to join a dynamic team.

You'll enjoy a stimulating working environment, rub shoulders with people who care deeply about agriculture, and receive lots of fringe benefits!
Vous pourrez évoluer dans un milieu de vie stimulant et côtoyer des gens passionnés par l’agriculture. En plus, vous y trouverez une foule d’avantages.

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The history of a
down-to-earth family

Claude Lafrance has been marching to his own drum from a very young age!


Born into a farming family, he and his brother Alain took over the family dairy farm in Saint-Basile-le-Grand in the 1980s. They then worked as partners producing milk and growing field crops, before founding Soya Excel, a soybean processing company.


The adventure of Les Entreprises Lafrance Division Grains began in 2009, when Claude realized the tremendous potential in the grain trade. With the help initially of his wife, Lyne Fontaine, and then of David Michon, who came on the scene in 2016, the company has developed an extensive business network across Quebec and Ontario.


In just over 10 years, the company has carved out a special place for itself in the hearts of grain and cereal producers, millers and processors in both provinces. As a result, the company now trades close to 400,000 tonnes of product a year – no mean feat by anybody’s standards!


What’s more, since 2004, Claude and Lyne have set up two other companies with the help of their daughters (Geneviève, Marylène and Amélie) and a few other close collaborators:


  • Les Moulées Bellifrance
  • Boutiques pour animaux Bellifrance


You can be sure that such a close-knit farm-based team knows all the secrets about being one big, happy family!

Lafrance Division Grains


The Lafrance family started Les Entreprises Lafrance Division Grains on the old family farm in Saint-Basile-le-Grand.


The family firm acquired a building in Saint-Hyacinthe to house Les Entreprises Lafrance Division Grains and Les Moulées Bellifrance and opened the very first Bellifrance pet store.


David Michon arrived to join Claude and Lyne as a co-owner. This was a major turning point in the company’s development.


Business boomed as the company reached an annual trading volume of 300,000 tonnes of grains, cereals and other products.


Les Entreprises Lafrance Division Grains formed a partnership formed with Coop Agrobio du Québec.